SoundSmith Brand Experience

In order to compete in an increasingly competitive marketplace, it remains a constant surprise to see how brands that have invested time, creativity and money into their interiors and identity still seem content to play Café del Mar, Buddha Bar and Classic FM compilations.

Increasing levels of investment, passion and creativity are going into ensuring interior design is stunning, menu’s are mouth-watering and the point of sale touch-points are best in class.  All these factors delight through the senses of sight, taste, smell and touch.

Sound is the missing part of this sensory jigsaw.  It is often ignored, yet hearing is our second most important sense after sight.  When the music is right, it has an emotional impact that is a bridge to loyalty.  It is an essential part of a business’ sensory branding.

SoundSmith provides:

  • Brand & customer-centric methodology.
  • Full service design and delivery.
  • Segmentation and scheduling.
  • Integrated media solutions.